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A year ago, I started working on my techlady blog. The goal was to spurn conversation between both women and men in technology about issues facing women in tech. The goal was also to share tech information back and forth between each other.

Well – the conversation part has been a bust. I think to date, I’ve received two comments on my posts. I’ve gotten a few emails with questions from my technical posts, but not really anybody clamoring to post their tech know-how.

Additionally, in mid-December, my family and I decided it was in our best interest for me to take a step back from tech and work. I’m sure you are all familiar with burnout, but as a Theology major who never anticipated to work in tech at all – it hit me hard last April, but I managed to slog along until December, in part because I really loved the people I worked with at my previous company.

Just before Christmas, there was a tweet about how over the slower, code freeze period, there was an opportunity for people to hustle and work twice as hard to make a good impression. (I spent a while searching for the tweet, I never found it because the search algorithms won’t let me search within my own feed and I cannot remember enough of the words in the tweet).

However, there were a lot of responses to the tweet that I feel were very helpful.

And even an entire thread from somebody about it, full thread can be found here

Burnout is a real thing – and I’m really experiencing it. Honestly, right now, it makes it difficult to even open my computer every day. So I’m not sure what to do with this tech blog. Some things I still find interesting – for example the Meltdown and Spectre kernel bug that was announced yesterday (which is YUGE). But my posts going forward may be slightly more focused on things that interest me in the broader sphere of technology, or just life.

Some examples – How is technology changing the library industry? Is it true that virtual reality can help people with pain problems? How does netstat work in the kernel? Is there life away from the computer? What does a burn out break look like? (Here’s a hint for the last one: lots of sweatpants and sleeping is involved)

If you want to share something on my blog here, or have any comments about what you’ve read so far – please feel free to shoot me an email. I’d be happy to work with you! Also, if there’s something you think I’m missing, or something you would love to learn more about, hear more about, email me! Should I talk more about cats in tech? Security? Response to news? Soft (not blanket) skills?

My email is I’d love to hear from you guys. In the future, I’ll have contact information at the bottom of every post so you can just click and send.

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